Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s pattern trend forecast – animal print image

Leopard print – sexy and passionate
Among the animal prints, leopard print is the most favored element, which can be sleek and cute, or it can be irregular and wild. It is an element that can be used in many ways.

Tiger print – domineering and personality
If you are tired of the leopard print, the tiger print is a good attempt. Not to lose the leopard’s wildness, tiger style fashion has a strong hunting possessive.

Zebra print – docile
The zebra pattern is black and white, similar to the black and white tiger pattern, but intrinsically more docile. Some can be used as stripes to deform.

Snake print – cold and mysterious
Snakes give people a dangerous sense of glamour, but with bright colors, they can give snakes a new wild beauty.

Changing animal print
Combining all kinds of animal prints and using them in combination with other elements, can give a new life to the monotonous animal prints.

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