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19/20 women’s leather trend forecast – leather jacket

The leather coat that once give people a cool feel, nowadays is designed as a key piece to show the feminine charm. As a must in spring and autumn, let’s take a look at the future popular leather style.

Zipper straight type
The loose and straight cuts are integrated with the zipper’s decorative elements, making the overall look more rebellious.

Plaid stitching type
As the retro wave returns, leather is no exception. Versace has used plaid fabric to stitch this season, making the monotonous dull black leather has a new highlight.

Decorative type
The simple jacket silhouette, combined with some decorations, eases the leather’s tough feel and makes the style more layered and feminine.

Contrast and sports type
The contrast-colored reflective coating leather is definitely a new trend this year. The strong contrast color gives the style a lively jumping sense of movement.

Waist slim type
The mid-length leather jacket, combining with a half-length hip skirt, is simple but full of charm.

Simple and slim type
The simple and clean Slim fit is suitable for all ages. Different temperament will give people different feelings. They can be matched with workwear, and they can also be used with a feminine skirt to neutralize the tough texture of the leather.

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