Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s fur craft trend–splicing coat

Soft edge
The edge of the coat is not simple and rough as originally, giving people an angular feel. Combining different fur materials can achieve a good softening effect and make the coat more delicate. Most use wool and rabbit fur, which also saves costs.

Semi-attached collar coat
Most of these semi-attached furs are detachable and mostly colored. A regular checkered or denim coat with such a colorful fur collar instantly improved the rate of being noticed.

fur pocket
A little bit of fur material is stitched into the pocket to give the wearer a warm feeling.

Sleeve detail
The stiff coat adds a little sleeve detail design, its gentle texture opens a warm day. Soft fur sleeves show the gentleness of women.

Partial fur
The classic coat style with different stitching materials are rich in urban flavor and are ideal items for autumn and winter seasons.

Plaid charm
Through the reorganization and design of plaid fabric and fur, it can renew a new personality.

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