Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 women’s jacket matching – fur stitching coat

Semi-attached fur collar
The simple cutting straight coat combine with a detachable fur collar, stylish and generous, reveals a gentle and intellectual temperament.

Fur lapel
The lapel is a common type of collar in the coat. In addition to making a full-wool collar, it can also be decorated as fur embellishment on the edge of the collar to enhance the overall design point and warmth of the style.

Fur Peter Pan Collar
The lovely Peter Pan collar adds a cute girl image to the original feminine coat.

Fur stitching
In the basic structure of the coat, the shoulders, the middle part and the hem can be embellished with fur, adding thickness and warmth to the overall style.

Large fur collar stitching
The fluffy raccoon fur collar is blended into the slim-fit coat, giving the style a warm, feminine look.

Fur sleeve stitching
The sleeves are decorated with a large area of fur, highlighting luxury and elegance.

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